Sida Support to World University Service - South Africa 1993-1996

Sida Evaluation
Marcella Ballara , Shireen Motala , Lesley-Anne Wilkinson
World University Service South Africa (WUS-SA) was established in 1992 as an independent National Committee of the World University Service. It is registered as a South African nongovernmental organization. Since 1993 WUS-SA has received development funds directly from international and national donors, and in turn channeled funds to approximately 70 NGOs working mainly in the field of adult basic education and training (ABET). WUS-SA also assists its project partners in capacity building in order to ensure the sustainability of organizations and project partners and in order to mainstream the gender approach. WUS-SA also organizes every year a policy forum on adult basic education with nationwide participation of NGOs and governmental officials, to discuss current and future trends in the country, and exchange experiences. The evaluation was divided into two phases: the first phase included a desk study and a financial and performance audit. For the second phase a field study was undertaken. This included interviews with relevant actors (WUS-SA), government and the National Literacy Cooperation (NLC), and visits to 12 project partners. The evaluation focuses on the development of WUS-SA as a South African NGO, its objectives, working methods, organizational development, efficiency, strengths and weaknesses.

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