Programas do Ensino Superior Apolados pela Asdi em Mocambique, 1991-1996

Sida Evaluation
Roy A Carr-Hill , Roger H Flavell , Alan Bishop , Richard Gunstone , Adalberto Alberto , John Shotten
Within the framework of Sector Support Agreement 1991-95 for cooperation to promote the development of education in Mozambique, Sida is supporting several projects aiming at building up Mozambican capacity at various institutions in the sector. Th evaluation focuses on four higher education projects with the overall objective of building institutional capacity to develop the primary education sector. Although four separate projects, the evaluators anticipate using a common framework which involves: Recognizing and taking into account the different interests of the candidates, other professionals in Mozambique, the consulting organizations, Sida and the Mozambican government; Comparing the costs of the courses and the academic and professional levels attained by the students both with other courses held on site in Africa and comparable courses in the North; Assessing the "fit" between the courses and the policy environment in which the graduates will be working both in general, and from the point of view of a client in the education system.

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