Apoyo de Asdi al Programa Nacional de la Mujer en Bolivia

Sida Evaluation
Marina Subirats , Åsa Westermark
The Sub-Secretariat for Gender Issues (SAG) was created in 1993 as a mechanism to impulse gender policies within the Bolivian government. The mission of SAG was to develop gender policy in different directions. This would be achieved by making gender issues visible in the Bolivian context, making gender analysis operative in Ministries and national sectors, promoting necessary legal reform, training, and creating awareness on these issues among civil servants and the general population. Equally important were women's empowerment and improving their access to decision-making posts. Institutionally, SAG was part of the National Secretariat for Ethnic, Gender and Generational Issues in the Ministry of Human Development. The objectives of this evaluation were to evaluate SAG's activities and assess their impact in the Bolivian society during 1996 and until June 1997, when the new government was elected. The following programs and activities were analyzed during the evaluation: popular participation; institution-building; violence and legal services; justice and legal reforms; spheres related to education and investigation; and advancement in labour policy, health, communication and training. Achievements and difficulties were also examined for each of the main courses of action: empowerment of women in relation to political parties, decentralization, mainstreaming, and the operative functions of SAG, in terms of internal structure, ideological guidelines, financial matters, and relations with donors.

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