Assessment of Lessons Learned from Sida Support to Conflict Management and Peace Building: State of the Art/Annotated Bibliography

Sida Evaluation
Ninna Nyberg Sørensen
This State of the Art Review and Annotated Bibliography has been prepared by the Conflict, Movement and State Formation Unit of the Centre for Development Research, Copenhagen. The review forms part of the study commissioned by Sida, An assessment of lessons learned from Sida support to conflict management and peace building, prepared by SIPU International, PRIO and CDR, and coordinated by SIPU. The State of the Art/Annotated Bibliography focuses on evaluations and lessons learned from peace-building interventions and is an attempt to discern the main contours of the debate. The literature contributing to this debate includes evaluations, syntheses of peace-building policy and practice, existing State of the Art reports, and academic writings: these contributions often crosscut each other. The material covers themes ranging from the local causes of complex political emergencies to the global context within which conflicts unfold, and from the overall aim of activities and instruments applied by agencies to the assumptions on which various activities and interventions are based.

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