Swedish Support for Gender Equality in Chile

Sida Evaluation
Mary Ellsberg , Anki Sundelin
The main goal of Sida's support to SERNAM, the Chilean National Service for Women, was to contribute to the democratization process in Chile. The support was given with the aim of contributing to the creation of initial conditions for developing strategies to promote gender equality, and to establish and consolidate programs, which would subsequently be maintained by the Chilean government. The main purpose of the evaluation was to assess the success of the program in achieving its goals, as well as existing conditions for the sustainability of activities formerly supported by Sweden once the cooperation period is finalized. An additional underlying goal is to identify areas in which the experience of SERNAM and other Chilean organizations may be able to offer conceptual or methodological contributions for other Latin American countries involved in similar processes, as well as lessons learned for future Swedish support in the promotion of gender equality. The evaluation was carried out using primarily qualitative methods. Both individual and group interviews were carried out in the field with key informants. Documentary revision included reports, publications and audiovisual material produced by SERNAM and organizations connected to the program as well as independent evaluations carried out of different aspects of the program.

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