Review of Energy Projects 96-02

L. B. Lagging Consultants
Sida intends to revise its Energy Sector Policy adopted in 1996. Accordingly, Sida wanted a review of the Sida-financed projects related to the Energy Sector (projects with a substantial Energy Sector component). Sida-sponsered activities that have been handled by other organizations such as the World Bank were to be included in addition to the projects handled such projects within Sida and PEO/IK has arranged international courses related to the Energy Sector. Furthermore, SAREC has sponsered research activities. The review covers activities which has been approved by Sida during the period: 1st january 1996 31st March 2002. There is, however, exceptions such as the International Cources of which four oout of five courses were approved before 1996 but continued during the review period.

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