Digging Deeper, Four Reports on Democratic Governance in International Development Cooperation Summary

Division for Democratic Governance
A synthesis of findings and recommendations arising from four methodological projects on democratic governance produced by Sida's Division for Democratic Governance. Chapter one: background to the report, purpose and scope, outlines Sida's perspective on democracy and human rights over the past two decades. Chapter 2: summary of main findings and recommendations from the projects The Political Institutions, Participation in Democratic Governance, Good Governance, and Access to Justice/Legal sector. Chapter three considers the operational significance of the reports for Sida's work on democratic governance. Chapter four summarises specific areas for thematic evaluations to guide future work and questions for further study and methodological work. Summary of the four methods reports: - The Political Institutions (SIDA3969en) - Participations in Democratic Governance (SIDA3968en) - Good Governance (SIDA2845en) - Legal Sector (SIDA3970en)

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