Bolivia Executive Summary, Evaluation and monitoring of Poverty Redution Strategies - 2003

Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
With the approval of Bolivias PRSP by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in 2000, Bolivia became one of the first countries to meet HIPC II requirements and qualify for the debt relief offered by this initiative. Bolivias strategy the Estrategia Boliviana para la Reducción de la Pobreza (or EBRP by its initials in Spanish) was considered in international circles to be a good example of a PRSP, both in its content and for the process behind its creation. The EBRP is today at a critical juncture in Bolivia. This report analyzes how we got to this point and reflects on what the experience to date has meant for Bolivia and for the PRSP process in general. The data for this study includes reports written about the EBRP, official documents and data related to its implementation, and interviews with many stakeholders. During three weeks in April 2003, a team of four researchers interviewed a wide range of stakeholders from the national and local governments, civil society organizations, the international donor community, and independent experts on poverty and development in Bolivia.

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