Sida's Work Related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 1994-2003


Gisela Geisler, Berit Austveg, Tone Bleie, Johanne Sundby, Heidi Skramstad, Bawa C. Yamba
Serier – Sida EvaluationDescription:
Management response 04/14 / This evaluation is made on request by the Swedish Parliament to review the work of Sida in the field of SRHR during the last 10 years. This period represent a paradigm shift on population issues from a demographic view to a rights based holistic approach which emphasise the rights of the individual and equality between women and men. The main conclusion is that Sweden and Sida have had a an important international role due to a strong political support. A progressive approach has enabled an open discussion of contraversial issues and Sweden and Sida have a consequent view that sexual and reproductive health shall be seen from a rights perspective.