The Legal Sector

We define the legal arena in the following way. The core is made up of public mechanisms in the form of institutions, laws and other regulations dealing with both civil law and measures against crime. Its main objective is to strengthen the functioning of states governed by the rule of law, that is by legislative processes and national institutions in the judicial system like the ministries of justice and home/internal affairs, the courts, public prosecutors and the police service, prisons and correctional services, the institution of the ombudsman, legal training and similar key institutions. Lawyers are clearly included in our definition of the judicial sector. In the legal arena we also include those parts of civil society which function mainly as pressure groups to strengthen the rule of law in different respects. The project document does not necessarily reflect the views of the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, Sida. Four methods reports have been published: - The Political Institutions (SIDA3969en) - Participation in Democratic Governance (SIDA3968en) - Good Governance (SIDA2845en) - The Legal Sector (SIDA3790en) Furthermore, a summary of the four methods reports was published in 2003; Digging Deeper (SIDA2950en).

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