Sida Evaluations Newsletter


Cecilia Ljungberg, Joakim Molander
Nyhetsbrev – Sida Evaluations NewsletterDescription:
No 1/05 Sida's Work with Culture and Media / The aim of the evaluation was to establish the actual role support to culture and media play in the poverty reduction effort and the role it should play. Key aspects included providing an overview of the discourse regarding culture, the media and poverty reduction. According to the evaluation Sidas support to culture and media is relevant to poverty reduction efforts. The majority of the interventions financed by Sida have provided inputs that enhance human, social, political and material resources. Culture and media projects are of solid quality and appear to be having the desired effects. Project design is, however, a problem. The evaluation recommends that Sida's culture and media policy should be revised, and divided into one policy for culture and one for media.