Methods of Analysing Power - A Workshop Report

Division for Democratic Governance (ed) , Moore , Mick Unsworth , Sue Rakner , Lise , Gould Jeremy
The overall purpose of the workshop was to discuss Sida's recently launched methods of analysing power as an integral party of the country strategy process. Power analysis involves gaining a deeper understanding of the political, social, economic and cultural issues at play in a country; the power relationships between actors and at the societal level and the incentives of these actors to affect or impede pro-poor change. The purpose of the workshop was to come up with operational recommendations as to how Sida's future power analyses could be improved. So far Sida has conducted power analyses on Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Bangladesh and Tanzania. Invited experts contributed to the discussions: Mick Moore of Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, Jeremy Gould of Helsinki University, Lise Rakner of Christian Michelsen Institute, and Sue Unsworth, then DfID, UK.

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