Sida-supported Projects at the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, 1995-2005

Sida Evaluation
Ole Stage , Poul Henning Larsen , Pham Thi Bich Hoa
"Sida supported the General Statistics Office (GSO) with SEK 66 million, of which SEK 30 million was for IT, and Statistics Sweden as consultant. The immediate objective was the timely supply of economic statistical information of appropriate quality and in cost-efficient forms. The Sida-supported projects at GSO have been very successful. - Project objectives are in line with the objectives of the Vietnamese Government and society at large, as well as important problems defined by GSO. - GSO now provides economic timely statistical information of appropriate quality, and IT has been essential for GSO's development. - The improved statistics reach policy makers and planners, who base their work on these statistics. In addition, GSO has developed its ability to analyse its problems and find solutions. - The support has had much better results than similar projects, and the costs of implementing these projects are not widely different. - Great care has been taken to ensure that technical assistance was used for capacity building, and GSO is now able to continue using the new methods. GSO's remaining challenge is first and foremost related to the interaction between GSO, other statistics collectors and statistics users."

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