HIV, Aids and urban development issues in sub-Saharan Africa

Beyond sex and medicines: why getting the basics right is part of the response

There is an urgent need for urban development actors to respond to HIV and Aids. So far most HIV activities have been either targeted at prevention and behaviour change or at the provision of Antiretroviral Therapies (ARTs), orphanages and other social safety nets. However, we must move beyond sex and medicine and look at how urban development actors can contribute. Funding for access to safe water and other vital urban functions (infrastructure, housing etc) has been on the decline for years. The report shows that it is absolutely critical that development financiers as well as activists for pro-poor change revisit their priorities. If all people living in slums got access to the basics of clean water and safe spaces they would not only run a lower risk of contracting HIV, but those who are already living with HIV would also become less infectious and stand a greater chance of living a long healthy life.

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