Making Pro-poor Growth in Tajikistan Sustainable

Country Economic Report
Ilhom Akobirshoev , Jessica Andersson , Per Ronnås , Örjan Sjöberg
This country economic report explores the main challenges and opportunities for making pro-poor growth in Tajikistan sustainable. The study is based on a conviction that the poverty reducing impact of growth depends on the ability of the poor themselves to participate in the creation of growth and on the assumption that improved employment and income opportunities for people living in poverty provide the main avenue for reducing material poverty. Hence, the role poor people as economic actors and the constraints they face in pursuing this role is in the focus of the study, which applies an integrated approach to economic analysis by linking employment analysis with analyses of the business environment and of the macroeconomic situation. The study is part of a series of country studies, undertaken by Sida in collaboration with academic institutions and scholars. The main purpose of these studies is to make a contribution to the generation of knowledge and understanding of current economic development challenges in Sweden's main partner countries for development cooperation and feed into national and international debate on these issues.

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