Sida's Support to UNDP in Sierra Leone

Sida Evaluation
Laurence Sewell , Ceinwen Giles
This report details the evaluation of Sida's funding to UNDP in Sierra Leone. The overall purpose of the evaluation is 'to support choice of path in the future collaboration between Sida and UNDP'. The specific purpose is to provide Sida with an independent opinion on the efficiency of the UNDP programmes in Sierra Leone which have received support from Sida, the achieved results of UNDP, and the compliance with the agreements between Sida and UNDP. The evaluation was also designed to support the development of future collaboration between Sida and UNDP.The evaluation covers the time period 2005 to 2007, during which Sida contributed to three specific programmes in Sierra Leone through the mechanism of its Trust Fund arrangements with UNDP: Arms for Development (AfD), Transition Initiatives Fund/ Transition Support Team (TST); and the Youth Employment Programme (YEP). AfD aimed to increase security and stability in communities across Sierra Leone through the collection of weapons and the associated (re)building of community infrastructure, as well as improving national-level security through supporting interventions to reduce the cross-border trade of small arms and light weapons (SALW). The Transition Support Teams (TST) and associated Transitional Initiatives Fund (TIF) were developed to support the process of government decentralisation in association with the 2004 Local Government Act. The Youth Employment Programme (YEP; also known as the Youth Employment Scheme or YES) was started in 2006 and grew out of an increasing recognition that youth unemployment and the continued marginalisation of youth represents a serious threat to the overall stability of Sierra Leone

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