Sida's Evaluation Plan 2009

This is the evaluation plan of Sida for 2009, including indicative evaluations for 2010.In the renewed Sida, the Secretariat for Evaluation (UTV) fulfils this function by commissioning evaluations which assesses the relevance, sustainability, efficiency and results of Sida's work. In addition, UTV coordinates the evaluation planning at Sida and publishes and distributes all evaluations and reviews commissioned by Sida. The Secretariat furthermore offers advise and training in evaluation for Sida staff. Sida's evaluation system in the organisational structure which was introduced on 1st October 2008 consists of three parts: 1. Evaluations commissioned or produced by the Secretariat for Evaluation, 2. Evaluations which UTV has considered to be of particular strategic importance for Sida 3. Reviews of projects and programs commissioned by Sida's operative teams.

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