Summary Report: A ripple in development? Long term perspectives on the response to the Indian Ocean tsunami 2004

A joint follow-up evaluation of the links between relief rehabilitation and development (LRRD)

Emery Brusset , Mihir Bhatt , Karen Bjornestad , John Cosgrave , Anne Davies , Yashwant Deshmukh , Joohi Haleem , Silvia Hidalgo
This report is a summary version of the follow-up evaluation of linkages between immediate relief, rehabiliation (or reconstruction) and development (LRRD) related to the response to the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. The first LRRD evaluation was carried as part of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC) set of evaluations in 2005-06. The LRRD2 evaluation report covers experiences up to the end of 2008 in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, i.e. from the four years after the disaster. A number of organisations and government agencies have supported this evaluation in various ways, with the aim to provide conclusions and lessons learned that are useful for mitigating the consequences of possible future disasters.

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