Lessons Learned Study from Development Cooperation with Russia

Swedish support to the reform process 1991-2008: Summary

Krister Eduards , Michail Krivonos , Lars Rylander
Swedish support to the reform process in Russia was initiated at a limited level at the beginning of the 1990s and was primarily located in North West Russia. Over the next few years, cooperation expanded rapidly in terms of scope and geographical extent. At its highest point in 2006, cooperation volume amounted to approximately SEK 360 million.  In 2005, in the light of Russia’s strong economic growth, the government took a decision to phase out support to Russia. In 2007 it was decided to phase out development cooperation by 2009 and transfer activities to regular, neighbouring state cooperation within the following areas; human rights, the environment and nuclear safety.  The purpose of this report is to summarise and report the results of Swedish reform support to Russia and is intended to provide an overall picture of the scope and results of these cooperation activities during the period 1991–2008.

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