Evaluación de Término Medio del Proyecto Embajada de Suecia – Defensoría del Pueblo, Colombia: “Acción Regionalizada para la Protección y Restitución de Derechos”


Vegard Bye, Martha Inés Romero, Indevelop AB
Serier – Sida Decentralised Evaluations (Sida Review)Description:
Sida Review 2011:14 / The Programme under review, “Regionalized Action for the Protection and Restitution of Rights”, was initiated in 2005 and the current phase in 2009, as a continuation of Sweden support to Colombia’s Ombudsman Office (Defensoría del Pueblo), ongoing since 1996. The Swedish contribution to this 3-year programme is 41 mill SEK (approximately 6 mill USD), with additional funding from UNHCR and the Colombian government. The goal of the programme is to “contribute to the restitution of human rights in focalized municipalities with highly affected and vulnerable communities as a consequence of the internal armed conflict, through a strengthening of defence actions in the territory”. Sida’s country strategy and the Ombudsman’s strategic guidelines are supposed to offer an overall direction to the Programme. The Midterm Review is intended to analyze progress towards expected results, assess consistency with needs and priorities as well as follow-up of previous recommendations, and offer new recommendations.pages:51