Evaluation of Co-operation with the Statistical Office of Kosovo - Final Report


Martin Schmidt, Johan Bring, Agneta Sverkel-Österberg, Silvana Rusi
Serier – Sida Decentralised Evaluations (Sida Review)Description:
2012:17 Sida Decentralised Evaluation / This report was carried out on behalf of Sida and DFID to evaluate their co-operation with the Statistical Office of Kosovo, SOK, during 2008-2011. The two projects under review were mutually reinforcing in respect that they combined a strong technical development element (mainly Sida) with support in planning and management (mainly DFID), including mechanisms for co-ordination. This coordination effort is drawn to its conclusion in a joint evaluation; underpinning the intentions of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness for shared and joint analytic country work.pages:40