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The New Development Cooperation – what will be measured, by whom and what will we do with all the data?

Uppdaterad: 10 september 2015

When: 09.00 – 11.30 18th September 2015, please see the agenda below
Where: Hörsalen, Sida headquarters, Valhallavägen 199, Stockholm

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Seminar Agenda

Check-in and registration

Setting the scene: Policy experts from the DAC secretariat provides the audience with an overview of the development finance landscape and DAC statistics. They will also link in key milestones such as the 2014 DAC High Level Meeting agreement to modernise DAC development finance measurement framework and the link to the SDGs and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda.

TOSSD: A zoom in on Total Official Support for Sustainable Development (TOSSD) to explain the rationale, process, on-going work and input from recent pilots.

Modernization of DAC: Modernisation of the DAC statistical methods and tools, which would include modernised taxonomy of financial instruments, private sector instruments, provider effort vs. flows etc.

Time for questions: Questions from the audience

The seminar ends

For participation, please contact: sofie.habram@sida.se or franck.rasmussen@sida.se by September 16th 2015. The seminar will be streamed for those not able to participate.

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