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DEVelopment talks

Measuring global poverty beyond income

Uppdaterad: 16 november 2016

When: Thursday 10th November, 2016
Time: 09:30-11:30 (coffee and registration from 9:00)
Venue: Sida, Valhallavägen 199, Stockholm, Hörsalen (Auditorium)

Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere is the first of the 17 Global goals adopted by the world’s leaders last year. This goal calls for action that tackles all forms of poverty and sets the ambition level higher than ever before. But how we understand and measure poverty impacts our strategies to end it and to track progress.

In order to guide the work towards a world free from poverty, the World Bank assigned a Commission on Global Poverty consisting of the world’s leading experts. They recently published a report where its strong recommendations include making poverty estimates more comparable across countries and moving away from mere monetary measures, into a set of multi-dimensioned indicators of poverty.

How will this multi-dimensioned view impact how we understand poverty trends in the world? Will it guide development cooperation into a new direction?

In addition to these recommendations on how to measure poverty, another World Bank report - Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016: Taking on Inequality - concludes that eradicating poverty will not be possible unless we also tackle inequality. The pledge of the international community to “leave no one behind” is thus not just a moral imperative but also a route to a world free from poverty.

Welcome to a topical Development Talks on the current thinking on measuring global poverty and boosting shared prosperity, which is at the core of Agenda 2030!

The event is free of charge. Register here by November 8.


Moderator: Elina Scheja, Lead Economist, Chief Economist Team (CET), Sida


09:00 Coffee and registration

09:30 Welcoming remarks
Lennart Båge, Director General, Sida

09:45 Presentation of the World Bank Commission on Global Poverty Report
Sir Anthony Atkinson, Professor at the London School of Economics, Chair of the Commission

10:30 Findings and recommendations of the World Bank report Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016: Taking on Inequality
Mario Negre, Senior Economist and principle author of the report, World Bank and German Development Institute.

11:00 What does this imply for development cooperation? Panel discussion
Stefan Isaksson, Senior Advisor, Ministry for Foreign Affairs 
True Schedvin, Acting Chief Economist, Sida
Espen Beer Prydz, Economist, World Bank

11:30 End

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