Bild med Dannys Vieco Jiménez, till höger, som arbetar för den svensksstödda organisationen Red de Mujeres Cristianas por la Vida y por la Paz (Kvinnor för fred) i Colombia.

Danny Vieco Jimenez, (at right), working for the Swedish-supported  fund Iniciativa de Mujeres Colombianas por la Paz (IMP) in Colombia.

Foto: William Silveira

Development talks

Gender, peace and security - Resolution 1325: achievements and priorities ahead

Uppdaterad: 12 augusti 2015

When: Thursday September 10th, 2015
Time: 09.00 – 12.30 (Registration and coffee from 08.30)
Venue: Sida, Valhallavägen 199, Stockholm (Oasen)

15 years after the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution 1325, it is no longer disputed that gender equality and women’s rights are essential factors in order to reach sustainable peace. Sida is a central  actor supporting the women, peace and security agenda at global, regional  and country-level. What has actually been achieved since the adoption of UNSC 1325? How are Sida’s partner organisations working to support women, peace and security in conflict and post-conflict contexts and what are the lessons learnt?

The first Development Talks after summer focuses on gender, peace and security. It includes key findings from the new the Global Study on UNSC 1325 convened by the UN Secretary General,  lessons learnt from women’s participation in the ongoing peace negotiation in Colombia, strategies to prevent both conflict and gender-based violence in DR Congo through involving men and boys, as well as protection of women and girls’ rights in Syria.


The event is free of charge.

Moderator: Elisabet Hedin, Senior Policy Specialist Human Security, Sida


08:30 Registration and Coffee

09:00 Introduction
Ms Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Director General, Sida

09:05 15 years with 1325 – what have we achieved and priorities ahead?
Key findings from the new the Global Study on 1325 convened by the UN Secretary General including main developments over the past 15 years and identified priorities in order to accelerate the women, peace and security agenda.
Madeleine Rees, Secretary General, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

09:35 Prevention of conflict and violence
Shared experiences and discussions on the root causes of conflict and violence, how to prevent gender-based violence in DR Congo and the need to involve men and boys.
Ilot Muthaka, COMEN 
Madeleine Rees, WILPF
Elsa Håstad, Sida

10:20 Coffee and sandwich

10:35 Women’s participation in peace process
Lessons learned from Colombia of promoting women’s participation and influence in the ongoing peace process between the Government and FARC.
Rosa Emilia Salamanca, Colectivo de Pensamiento y Acción Mujeres, Paz y Seguridad
Maria Paulina Riveros ,  Official Mediator
Emma Nilenfors, Swedish Embassy Colombia

11:25 Protecting women and girls in conflict and crisis
How can women’s rights be protected in conflicts? What are the links between 1325 and humanitarian assistance?
Samar Muhareb, ARDD-Legal Aid
Melanie Megevand, IRC
Annika Törnqvist, Kvinna till Kvinna

12:10 Ways forward
Lessons learned during the day and priorities to continue advancing the Women, Peace and Security agenda within Swedish Development cooperation.
Ulrika Modéer, State Secretary to the Minister for International Development Cooperation interviewed by Ewa Werner-Dahlin, Sida.

12:30 End

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