The Role of Inclusive Markets in Conflict Recovery

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16 April - The Role of Inclusive Markets in Conflict Recovery

Uppdaterad: 23 maj 2014

”How does Private Sector Development Matter to Development in Conflict Affected Environments?”

This seminar will address some key topics relating to the role of PSD in post conflict recovery.

  • How can pro-poor private sectors support development in post-conflict environments?
  • What are the major obstacles in this process?
  • How can PSD most effectively be a tool not just for economic development, but also for peace building and conflict management?

The role of inclusive markets and PSD in the aftermath of crisis has received increasing attention over the past decade. This interest has not only emerged from successful provision of economic opportunities for poor people and more effective allocation of resources and risk in developing economies, but well-functioning markets has also turned out to promote stability and sustainability in countries worldwide.

In recent years, Sida’s engagement in post-conflict environments has increased tangibly. Afghanistan, Iraq, West Bank and Gaza, DRC, Liberia, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are all examples affected by related transformations and where Sida has explicitly targeted development of local markets and private sectors. Given how development institutions affect local markets implicitly and explicitly in most of their operations, PSD programming needs to be fundamentally and carefully integrated in conflict management and peace-building at all stages.

Private Sector Development is not always seen as a priority in conflicted environment. Is this a mistake?


Dr. Peter Davis,
MA PhD from SIPU International will share his insights on the role of PSD in Conflict Affected Environments. Dr. Davis made his PhD thesis on the role and governance of multinational companies in post-conflict reconstruction.

When: 16 April 14.00-16.00
Where: Asante(Rum 19), Sida, Valhallavägen 199


Anna Rahm, anna.rahm
Elin Carlsson,


Jenny Collste

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