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Live broadcast of ”Internet and democratic change”

Uppdaterad: 23 maj 2014

Don't miss the live broadcast of this topical seminar! Bloggers and net activists discuss experiences, challenges and opportunities, with a special focus on the developments in the Middle East and North Africa! The seminar will be web casted and anyone can attend. A chat link will be available if you wish to pose questions to the speakers. Activists with first hand experiences will give their views on the events of the Arab Spring.

When: October 26, 09.00–17.00 hrs. and discussion 19.00–20.30. Online at Main sessionand Parallel session. Follow on twitter.

 The Internet and net activism can promote democratic change in repressive environment and has informed and mobilized people during the recent uprisings. What can international cooperation do to support access to the Internet and the use of technology for democratic development in the region?

During an evening session you will also meet the initiated and prestigious journalists in a panel discussion about social media and the new forms of journalism that we have met during the last years turmoil in the MENA region.

The seminar is arranged by Sida in cooperation with the Julia Group.

See more information and the entire program .

Spread information about the seminar to your network! We also encourage streaming the webcast on your own website.



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