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Experiences in Laos and way forward

Uppdaterad: 23 maj 2014

Välkommen till ett seminarium om kapacitetsutveckling inom naturresurs- och miljösektorn i Laos. Måndag den 10 oktober på Sida i Stockholm. Seminariet är kostnadsfritt, och hålls på engelska. Föranmälan krävs.

Welcome to a seminar on capacity development in the natural resources and environment sector in Lao PDR! For more than thirty years Sweden has cooperated with Laos. Some results are very concretely seen, some challenges are still to be handled. At the seminar, we will listen to how it all started, lessons learnt and how to deal with the future strategies in the natural resources and environment sector.

Date: Monday 10 October 2011
Time. 13.00-16.30
Place: The Auditorium (Hörsalen) at Sida headquarter, Stockholm, Valhallavägen 199.

Moderator: Mia Odabas

When the Swedish Government decided to end the support to Laos in August 2007, some projects would last until 2012. We are now getting closer to the definitive end of the bilateral cooperation and it is time to make use of our experiences.

In the sector of natural resources and environment support has been given mainly to capacity development. In the seminar representatives from the Department of Forestry and the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute, NAFRI, and others in Laos, who have been partners in development with Sida, will highlight some of the examples. They will share their views on the achievements and the future challenges for regional collaboration.








Welcome note

Johan Schaar, Sida , Head of Department of Policy Support

 Lisbet Bostrand, Sida, Department of Program Cooperation

Mia Odabas, Moderator



“Betting on Laos”

Screening of the adapted version of the TVE Earth Report “Gambling on Laos” that was aired on BBC World News in July 2010. The film is about how the current investment climate is impacting Lao PDR’s natural resources and its people



How it started? Key elements of 30 years of collaboration in the forestry sector in Laos with Sida support to the Department of Forestry

Khampay Manivong – Deputy Director General of Department of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF)



The  present and future strategies and challenges within the agriculture and forestry sector  and NAFRI today

Dr. Bounthong Bouahom – Director General of NAFRI (National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute), MAF



Experiences and lesson learnt from the Upland Research and Capacity Development Program

Phouthone Sophathilatht–URDP  National Program Coordinator



Coffee break


Strengthening Environmental Management program phase II (SEM II)at WREA

Dr. Morten W. Riemer -Technical Advisor SEMII, WREA– Grontmij, Denmark



Balancing development and conservation, IUCN’s role in supporting the Lao government to make the right decisions

Latsamay Sylavong– Country Representative IUCN Lao





Open Discussion

Mia Odabas - Moderator

Cocktail and mingel


Background, including programme and summaries from the Forestry Strategy 2020 Implementation Promotion Project (FSIP), Strengthening Environmental Management Project (SEM) Phase II and the Upland Research and Capacity Development Program (URDP).

Please fill out the form  if you wish to attend the seminar.

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