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Africa – developing or lack of progress?

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The last fifty years or so have seen unprecedented changes in people’s living standard all over the world. On average people’s lives have improved everywhere, but in Africa, i.e. Africa south of the Sahara, a lot of Africans are no better off than the generation before them. Why doesn’t Africa develop more rapidly? Why are so many Africans still poor?

Africa’s countries and people are far from identical, but the states and how they work share common features and have shown similar ways of performance, so much so that one could talk about a common African development model (such as the Asian, or European). It is a model that has not been able to bring prosperity to Africa’s poor. However, as Liberia´s president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf often points out: "Africa is not poor, but poorly managed". So how can a change come about that improves the standard of living for all Africans?

Since the mid 1990s, many sub-Saharan African countries have experienced a marked acceleration in economic growth. Progress on poverty reduction, however, looks to have been much more limited, according to the International Monetary Fund.

African leaders are now eager to find a new model and they prefer to look east. What could a different African development model look like?

The purpose of the event is to raise the understanding of Africa and eventually equip everyone to better deal with Africa's development issues. The seminar will focus on the broader issue of a development process that could lead to prosperity in Africa.

Date: Thursday 19 January 2012 
(Registration and coffee 08.30-09.00)

Location: Sida headquarters, Oasen,Valhallavägen 199, Stockholm

The seminar is fully booked!

Moderator: Barbara Voors


9.00 Charlotte Petri Gornitzka Director - General of Sida
9.10 Anders Östman Senior advisor Sida. "Thirty Years in Africa"
9.20 Roel van der Veen Professor of International Relations at Amsterdam University. "What went wrong with Africa"
9.50 Greg Mills Director Brenthurst Foundation. "Africa´s Third Liberation? 21st Century Development Drivers"
10.20 Coffee
10.45 Moeletsi Mbeki Deputy Chairperson of the South African Institute of International Affairs. “The persistent impact of colonialism on African entrepreneurship”
11.15 Carin Norberg Director of the Nordic Africa Institute. "The rise of Africa: miracle or mirage?"
11.35 Questions from audience To Roel van der Veen, Greg Mills, Carin Norberg and Moeletsi Mbeki
12.00 Lunch Sandwich being served
13.00 Hans Rosling Professor in international health at Karolinska Institute. "Health and money in Africa".

Panel discussion and questions from audience

With Roel van der Veen, Greg Mills, Moeletsi Mbeki, Anders Östman, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka and Carin Norberg.


Seminar over

Program is subject to change

The seminar is in English and free of charge. Coffee and lunch sandwich will be served.

If you have any questions, please contact Anders Östman, +46 (0)8 698 40 13.

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