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Weather related crises – Improved resilience in development cooperation!

Uppdaterad: 23 maj 2014

When: 15th October, 13.00 – 15.00
Where: Sida, Hörsalen, Valhallavägen 199

Weather-related crises pose a serious threat to human development and in some places it is already undermining the international community’s efforts to reduce poverty. How should we refocus and strengthen our work to become more effective?

Sida increases its engagement in resilience and has commissioned a study on its work in that area. The seminar will in addition to setting the scene in terms of concepts and definitions, present key conclusions of the report. Key stakeholders working with resilience and disaster risk reduction will discuss how the international community and Sida could improve its deliverables by integrating a resilience perspective. The floor is open for the audience and the panel to share their views on resilience, risk and vulnerability.


Welcome by Charlotte Petri-Gornitzka, Director General Sida
Concepts and definitions – setting the scene, Knud Falk (IRCF)
How does Sida work with resilience – conclusions and recommendations, Ian Christoplos (InDevelop)
Panel discussion: Terry Cannon (IDS), Garry Peterson (SRC), Pernilla Tidåker (SLU), Annika Otterstedt (Sida)
Resilience – the bridge between Sida departments: Torbjörn Pettersson (CONFLICT), Georg Andrén (PROGSAM) and Marie Ottosson (INTEM)
End of Seminar

Therese Sjömander Magnusson, Sida

Anna-Lena Erkén, Sida

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