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10 May - Has foreign aid strengthened democratic development?

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Development Talks presents: Findings from the ReCom – Research and Communication on Foreign Aid programme 10 May 2012

In what ways do the objectives of development aid and democracy assistance complement or contradict each other? To what extent can donors influence democratic outcomes in fragile states?

Welcome to a ReCom research results meeting – Democracy and Fragility.

Thursday the 10 May 08.30–12.30
At Sida, Valhallavägen 199.
Stockholm Coffee or tea.

Register: here

This result seminar presents findings from the ReCom - Research and Communication on Foreign Aid programme, undertaken by UNU-WIDER in partnership with Sida and Danida which provide financial support to the programme. The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) also participates in ReCom. UNU-WIDER implements ReCom in collaboration with its partners in the North and the South. ReCom research is divided into five distinct, but overlapping, research areas; Growth & Employment, Governance & Fragility, Gender Equality, Social Sectors and Environment & Climate Change. This results seminar concentrates on the first findings from the Governance & Fragility theme.

The speakers and their topics are:

  • Lena Ingelstam
    Director, Department for Global Cooperation, Sida
    Welcome and introduction.
  • Professor Finn Tarp
    Director, UNU-WIDER
    Summary of the Governance & Fragility-theme.
  • Dr Danielle Resnick
    Research Fellow, UNU-WIDER
    Foreign aid and democratic consolidation in Africa.
  • Professor Nicolas van de Walle
    Dept. of Government, Cornell University
    Aid and Mali’s Democracy.
  • Mr Scott Hubli
    Director of Governance Programs at the National Democratic Institute (NDI)
    Building Democratic Resilience in Fragile States:
    Observations and Lessons Learned of Parliamentary Strengthening.
  • Professor David Richards
    Dept. of Political Science and Human Rights Institute,
    University of Connecticut
    Measuring Human Rights: Some Issues and Options.
  • Dr Elizabeth Hart
    Director of Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)
    Policy and Practice concerning aid, donors and corruption.

Register: here

The ReCom programme was launched in 2011 and aims to research, and communicate, what works in development assistance, and what could work—including the potential to scale-up small but successful interventions into larger aid programmes, and transfer successful development models between countries. Through the creation and sharing of this knowledge, ReCom aims to improve aid practice and policy, consequently increasing the benefits of aid for recipient countries.

Read more about ReCom  at
Findings about ReCom aid and growth results

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