Water and Energy for Sustainable Inclusive Development and Poverty Reduction

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Water and Energy for Sustainable Development

Uppdaterad: 21 november 2014

Basic needs for water and energy remain a daily struggle for millions of women, children and men throughout the world. Around 2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water; 2.5 billion remain without access to improved sanitation and hygiene; and more than 1.3 billion lack access to electricity.

The demand will continue to increase significantly over the coming decades, especially in countries undergoing transformation and rapid economic growth. Addressing these challenges will require cross sector collaboration, as water and energy are tightly interlinked and highly interdependent.

This seminar discusses the sustainable use of water and energy for inclusive growth and poverty reduction. How do we balance the supply of these resources? How do we share the benefits of water and energy while at the same time securing social equity, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability?

This program is arranged in collaboration with UN-Water

Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Time: 09.00 – 12.00 (Registration from 08.30)
Venue: Sida, Valhallavägen 199, Stockholm (Auditorium)
Admission is free of charge and the seminar will be held in English

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Moderator: Daniella Boström, UN water

08:30 Registration

09:00-09:15  Welcome and introduction
Malin Elisson, Head of Policy Support Unit, Department for International Organisations and
Policy Support, Sida

09:15 -09:45 The United Nations World Water Development Report 2014 – Water and Energy
Dr. Richard Connor, Lead Author of the World Water Development Report

09.45- 10:00 Global Water and Energy Demands – Implications and Opportunities for Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development
Dr. Kitty van der Heijden, World Resource Institute, Director, Europe Office

10:00 - 10:15 The Water Energy Nexus – Demand and implications on global environment, food, and energy security
Dr. Jakob Granit, Stockholm Environment Institute, SEI, Centre Director, Stockholm

10:15-10:45 Coffee

10:45 – 11:50 Panel discussion and reflections on the UN Water report and on the presented themes:

• Måns Nilsson, Deputy Director and Research Director, Stockholm Environment Institute
• Marianne Kjellén, Director, Water Governance, Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI • Jakob Lundberg Head of Development and Policy, We Effect (tbc)
• Felix Ockborn, CSR Program Development, H&M
• Anders Granlund, Lead Policy Specialist Environment and Climate Change, Sida
• Carolina Wennerholm, Lead Policy Specialist Gender, Sida
• Helene Holm, Senior Programme Manager Environment and Climate Cooperation, Unit for Eastern Europe, Sida

11:50 Summing up and final remarks
Joakim Harlin, Senior Water Resources Adviser, Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP Stockholm

Warm Welcome!

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