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CLIFF: Building resilient Community Development Enterprises

Uppdaterad: 21 november 2014

Välkommen till ett Development Talk som kommer att handla om hur så kallade Community Development Enterprises kan bidra till bättre vatten och sanitet, infrastruktur och skydd för människor som flyttar in till världens växande städer.

The emerging role of CDE’s in facilitating access to water, sanitation, land infrastructure and housing provision for the urban poor.

Date: 25 september 2013
Time: 09.00-11.45
Venue: Hörsalen, Sida

Schedule for Development Talk

09:00-09:20: Formal Opening
09:20-09:40: Introductory Presentation
09:40-10:20: Panel Discussion
10:20-10:45: Coffee Break
10:45-11:30: Small Group Discussions
11:30-11:45: Closing plenary

200,000 people arrive in cities every single day! That is two cities the size of Sundsvall! 70% of the urban population of African cities, and 35% in Asian cities now inhabit unplanned, un-serviced settlements, the conditions of which are insecure, unhealthy and life-threatening for new arrivals and long-term inhabitants. These circumstances are made worse by their physical, social and economic exclusion. As the scale of cities increase, so does the gap between the urban communities and local government provision. Since 2002, CLIFF¹ has sought to demonstrate the important role of CDE’s. CDE’s have emerged as capable providers of water and sanitation, land and infrastructure services, and shelter. Their advantage is their proximity to the poor engaging whole communities, and their ability to deliver affordably and sustainably. Convening this meeting in Stockholm is very timely as the Swedish Government has launched a special effort on the provision of water and sanitation for women and children to help reaching the MDG-goals, and CLIFF can play an important role in this context.

In this seminar you will learn more about issues of vulnerability and resilience in an urban setting, and what role CDE’s have in addressing the water, sanitation, land and housing needs of the urban poor.

Kerstin Jonsson-Cissé, Head, Global Programmes

Please register your participation with Anna Erlandson (

¹Community-led Infrastructure Finance Facility

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