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Work with Men and Boys for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Uppdaterad: 21 november 2014

Välkommen att anmäla dig till ett seminarium den 16 september på Sida i Stockholm där vi diskuterar mäns och pojkars medverkan i jämställdhetsarbetet.

How can we include work with men and boys in our efforts to create gender equal and less violent societies? How can we mainstream and scale-up successful results?

Male engagement is an important factor in removing the underlying social and cultural attitudes, constraints and institutions that buttress gender inequalities. Interventions with men and boys have so far been mostly at pilot project level. This Development Talks gathers some of the foremost global researchers and practitioners in development work with men and boys.

The morning presentations give the background in terms of research and on-going interventions. Three parallel afternoon workshops focus on including men and boys in gender mainstreaming within health, education and Women’s Economic Empowerment. The final plenary will discuss how to take the work forward and give strategic recommendations.

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Lunchtime sandwich and drink are included!

Time: 09.00 – 15.40
Venue: Hörsalen, Sida.
Moderators: Carolina Wennerholm and Paul Dover, Senior Gender Advisors, Sida


Welcome Remarks & Introduction
Malin Elisson, Head of Policy Support Unit, Dept. for International Programmes and Policy Support, Sida
Carolina Wennerholm, Senior Policy Specialist, Gender Equaltiy, Sida

09.15 - 12.15
Setting the Scene: from Research to Interventions Moderator Paul Dover

Findings and lessons from the IMAGES studies and policy analysis in Africa
Speaker: Tim Shand, Director of International Programmes & SRHR for Sonke Gender Justice.

Stories of politicizing masculinities, Findings from the UN Partners for Prevention Multi –country Study on Men and Violence in Asia and the Pacific
Speaker: Imtiaz Pavel, MIRROR Institute: Men for Peace Equality & Justice International.

10.15 -10.30

The ‘Male Order’ Development Encounter?
Speaker: Jerker Edström, IDS, Institute of Development Studies.

The International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES): Using Data to Drive Structural Change
Speaker: Gary Barker, Co-Chair MenEngage Alliance and Director Promundo US.

Scaling-up work with men and boys
Speaker: Dean Peacock, Co-Chair MenEngage Alliance and Executive Director Sonke Gender Justice.

Introduction of the afternoon workshops, Carolina Wennerholm.

12.15 -13.00
LUNCH Sandwiches served downstairs at “Oasen”.

13.00 - 14.30
Parallell Workshops: Scaling-up and Mainstreaming Work with Men and Boys

Workshop 1: Experiences of working with men and boys in SRHR (Room 24)
Moderator: Ewa Nunes Sörenson, Gender Advisor, Sida.
Silent Observer:
Gary Barker.

•  MenCare, A global Fatherhood Campaign
Wessel van den Berg, MENCARE, Sonke Gender Justice and Mats Berggren, Men for Gender Equality, Sweden
•  Lessons Learned from Young Men as Equal Partners Africa.Making Use of it in Swedish boy groups
Pelle Ullholm, RFSU, Lesson Learned from YMEP Africa. Making use of it in Swedish boygroups.

Workshop 2: Experiences of working with young men and violence prevention in schools and other settings (Room 23)
Moderator: Sofia Dohmen, Gender Advisor, Sida
Silent Observer: Dean Peacock

•  Universal violence prevention – the Freedom from violence project
Anna Lindquist, Men for Gender Equality Sweden
•  Engaging young men in transforming gender norms:how do we scale up enough to make a difference?
Giovanna Lauro, Deputy Director Promundo USA.

Workshop 3: Experiences of working with women’s economic empowerment and male engagement (Room Hörsalen)
Moderator: Paulos Berglöf, Gender Advisor, Sida
Silent Observer: Jerker Edström

•  Working with women entrepreneurs, but what about their men?
Charlotte Kalin, Swedish Chamber of Commerce
•  Russian fatherhood and women’s economic empowerment
Vidar Vetterfalk, Men for Gender Equality Sweden, Elena Kalinina, St Petersburg Social & Economic Institute, Nikolay Eremin, Northern Way, st Petersburg Andrey Kolpakov, Men of the 21st Century, St Petersburg

14.30- 14.45

Plenary: The Way Ahead
Moderator: Carolina Wennerholm

Panel members:
•  Bjørg Skotnes, Policy Director on Gender, Norad.
•  Carina Ohlsson, MP/Social Democratic Party
•  Elisabeth Björnsdotter Rahm, MP /The Moderate Party
•  Georg Andrén, Director, Dept. for Program Cooperation, Sida
•  Tarja Reponen, Ambassador for Gender Equality, Ministry for foreign Affairs of Finland

Workshop feedback to the panel: Gary Barker, Dean Peacock, Jerker Edström

15.30 – 15.40
Closing Remarks - Carolina Wennerholm

Resource participants include:

  • Gary Barker, Co-Director MenEngage and Director of Promundo
  • Giovanna Lauro, Deputy Director, Promundo-US
  • Dean Peacock, Co-Director MenEngage and Co-Director Sonke Gender Justice Network
  • Elina Kalinina, St Petersburg Social &Economic Institute, Russia
  • Imtiaz Pavel, MIRROR Institute & Men for Peace Equality & Justice International, Bangladesh
  • Jerker Edström, Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex, Participation, Power and Social Change Team, Sexuality and Development Programme
  • Tim Shand, Sonke Gender Justice Network
  • Vidar Vetterfalk, Men for Gender Equality, Sweden
  • Sara Arnivaara, Men for Gender Equality, Sweden
  • Charlotte Kalin, CEO, Chamber Trade Sweden
  • Carina Ohlsson, MP, Social Democratic Party Sweden
  • Elisabeth Björnsdotter Rahm, MP, Moderate Party Sweden
  • RFSU (tbc)
  • Representatives from Nordic donors and DfiD


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