• 2016-05-20 Publikation

    Sida’s Guarantee Portfolio 2016

    Sida’s guarantee instrument enables mobilisation of capital for development through innovative financial instruments and encourages corporate contributions to global poverty reduction. The guarantee instrument complements the grant portfolio and enables additional funding from the private sector, and new ways of creating impact. The guarantee instrument contributes to the goals of the Swedish Result ...

  • 2016-05-23 Publikation

    Evaluation - The Challenge in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Final Report

    This report is evaluating the Challenge, a small pilot challenge fund that the Swedish Embassy in Sarajevo implemented 2013-2015. The total budget was SEK 5 million of which SEK 4.5 million were grants awarded to winning companies in three rounds. The challenge fund targeted micro and small enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), including start-ups. The fund’s strength is its focus on young, ...

    Claes Lindahl , Tamara Ivankovic

  • 2016-05-20 Publikation

    Svenskt utvecklingssamarbete och dess resultat i siffror - 2015

    Fickfolder - This report is also available in English

    Fakta i fickformat om svenskt utvecklings samarbete. Aktuell information med färsk statistik och information om verksamhetens mål och medel samt Sidas organisation. Foldern ger även information om stöd via FN och andra internationella organisationer, det bistånd som går via EU mm.

  • 2016-04-06 Publikation

    Sidas årsredovisning 2015

    I Årsredovisningen redogör Sida för verksamheten under det gångna året. Redovisningen följer de uppdrag vi har att utföra enligt instruktionen för myndigheten samt de uppgifter som ålagts oss enligt regleringsbrevet. Av Årsredovisningen framgår hur mycket som utbetalats till olika länder och verksamheter samt en beskrivning av utvecklingssamarbetet och myndighetens övriga verksamhet.

  • 2016-04-15 Publikation

    Evaluation of Sida’s International Training Programme in Child Rights, Classroom and School Management - Final Report

    The International Training Programme (ITP) “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”, implemented by Lund University, trained 630 participants from 28 countries over 13 years. The evaluation assesses relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. It concludes that the programme was successful in producing a cadre of change agents committed to making a difference for children in the ...

    Cecilia M Ljungman , Monika Lundin , Sarah Gharbi , Ian Christoplos

  • 2016-04-19 Publikation

    Evaluación de Resultados del PEI 2010 - 2014 del Ministerio de Educación - Informe final

    This report shares the results of the support to the Ministry Of Education in Bolivia 2010-2014 through the basket fund modality. The purpose of the evaluation was to verify progress and the achievements in relation to the objectives outlined in the Institutional Strategic Plan (PEI 2010 - 2014) of the Ministry of Education in Bolivia. Beside the evaluation aims to analyze the strategy implemented, ...

    José Carlos Campero

  • 2016-04-15 Publikation

    STORIES OF CHANGE: ITP 277 - Wind Power Development & Use 2009–2015

    The International Training Programme on Wind Power Development and Use during 2009-2015 have contributed towards Change by training about 200 energy experts from 22 countries to become Change Agents. This is a report from the final result workshop in December 2015 in Arusha, Tanzania.

    Tommy Månsson

  • 2016-04-07 Publikation

    Desk Study of Sida’s Experience from Private Sector Collaboration - Final Report

    The purposes of the study are (i) analysis and conclusions regarding Sida’s collaboration with the private sector and its results (ii) analysis and conclusions regarding international experience of such collaboration and (iii) conclusions regarding the knowledge front in the area of private sector collaboration. The study cover all sectors and thematic areas as well as all modalities and approaches ...

    Mikael Söderbäck

  • 2016-03-01 Publikation

    Evaluation of Union to Union - Final Report

    This report shares the findings and recommendations from an evaluation of Union to Union. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the relevance, added-value, effectiveness and ownership of Union to Union’s operations as well as the results attained in relation to Union to Union’s objectives and the partnership models applied. The evaluation focused on the support to local trade unions around the ...

    Henrik Alffram , Lisa Curman

  • 2016-03-07 Publikation

    Gender Equality Policy Marker

    Gender Tool Box

    The Gender Equality Policy Marker is used by OECD DAC members to provide a measure of aid allocated in support of gender equality.1 The Gender Equality Policy Marker shows commitment to gender equality and does not say anything about implementation or results. It gives an overview of: • The proportion of DAC members’ aid focused on achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. • The sectors where ...

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