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    Biståndsbarometern kompletterar den redovisning av det svenska biståndet som görs i Sidas årsredovisning. Biståndsbarometern lanseras kontinuerligt och varje barometer riktar in sig på ett område inom biståndet. Här presenterar vi resultatet av det humanitära biståndet från Sverige genom Sida. Analysen täcker 2014 och resultaten rör 2013.

  • 2015-08-24 Publikation

    Svenskt utvecklingssamarbete och dess resultat i siffror - 2014

    Fickfolder - This report is also available in English

    Fakta i fickformat om svenskt utvecklings samarbete. Aktuell information med färsk statistik och information om verksamhetens mål och medel samt Sidas organisation. Foldern ger även information om stöd via FN och andra internationella organisationer, det bistånd som går via EU mm.

  • 2015-08-26 Publikation

    En vägledning till resultatstyrd projektplanering med hjälp av LFAmetoden (The Logical Framework Approach)

    LFA RBM Projektplanering Programplanering Mål- och resultatstyrning Resultatstyrning Uppföljning av projektet

    Kari Örtengren

  • 2015-08-26 Publikation

    Sida’s Financing for Development programme Sida

    Financing for Development has gradually started to be integrated into development work in the international arena, one of the reasons being that funds from private parties today represents aproximatelly 80 per cent of the total fl ow of resources to low and middle-income countries. Studies by IFCshow that it is the private sector that creates many of the new, sustainable job opportunities that are ...

  • 2015-08-27 Publikation

    Sida’s Guarantee Portfolio 2015

    Sida’s Guarantee instrument enables mobilisation of capital for development through innovative financial instruments and encourages corporate contributions to global poverty reduction. The guarantee instrument complements the grant portfolio and enables additional funding from the private sector, and new ways of creating impact. The guarantee instrument contributes to the goals of the Swedish Result ...

  • 2015-08-27 Publikation

    Evaluation of the project “Capacity development at MoFTs at State and entity level for effective management of public investments PIP-DIP” - Final Report

    This report contains the findings, conclusions and recommendations from an evaluation of the project “Capacity development at MoFTs at State and entity level for effective management of public investments PIP-DIP”. Sida commissioned SIPU to undertake this evaluation in order to assess of the progress achieved against stated objectives and to make conclusions about the future direction of the ...

    Pier Ardeni

  • 2015-08-27 Publikation

    SME financing in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Farmers and small businesses in Bosnia- Herzegovina had a hard time getting loans and credit until Sida together with USAID issued guarantees to two banks. The results so far show a positive impact on companies’ ability to invest in their production.

  • 2015-08-27 Publikation

    Hydropower in Mozambique

    Mavuzi and Chicamba Hydropower stations in Mozambique are being refurbished with the support of a development loan from Sida. Through this project EDM, the state-owned power utility, is able to increase the supply of clean energy to the local market, which is crucial for the on-going rural electrification programme. As energy demand is high in the Southern African region generally, any excess energy ...

  • 2015-08-27 Publikation

    Increase acess to contraceptives

    The demand for efficient contraceptives is high in developing countries. The price to the consumer is however also relatively high and suppliers have been cautious in their forecasts about future sales volumes. In a joint collaboration between several actors, Sida cocreated a guarantee that would ensure sufficient volumes of a contraceptive implant at an affordable price to consumers.

  • 2015-08-27 Publikation

    Mobile Network in Uganda

    The extension of MTN’s mobile network in Uganda to 24 rural municipalities was enabled by a guarantee from Sida. This kind of intervention plays an important role in supporting the development of financial sectors. Research studies also show that cash strapped women in Uganda found new income possibilities, as they started to sell airtime in villages.

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