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    Water and Sanitation - August 2015

    All African countries are part of at least one international water basin and around 65% of the total African population live in one. Increasing and competing water demands from different water consuming sectors in multiple countries highlight the importance of transboundary cooperation. Sida provides long-term support to transboundary water resource management at macro and micro levels in Africa.

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    Water and Sanitation 2014- Improving the human right to clean water and basic sanitation

    Portfolio Overview

    Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is crucial not only for people’s health and wellbeing, but also for poverty reduction and economic development. Sweden promotes efficient, fair and sustainable water use and management as well as improved access to basic sanitation and hygiene facilities. Sida’s financial support to the water sector amounted to approximately SEK 736 million in 2014, accounting ...

  • 2015-09-08 Publikation

    The Evaluation of VAHU Foundation on core support for the period 2011-05-30 – 2015-03-31 Final Report

    In 2009 VAHU was created with a legal basis and office in Chiang Mai. After a move to Yangon, VAHU created a local office in Myanmar and is legally registered as an NGO ther since early 2015. The Swedish support to VAHU is a continuation of support to Myanmar since the early 2000s. The key objectives of this evaluation were to generate information on how effective the VAHU foundation has been in achieving ...

    Jups Kluyskens , Matt Desmond

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    Challenge Funds - Colaboración con el sector privado

    Para fomentar la colaboración del sector privado al desarrollo y la reducción de la pobreza, los Challenge Funds (fondos competitivos) invitan a las empresas a competir para obtener respaldo a sus buenas ideas, igual que los investigadores solicitan fondos de una fundación de investigación. Los proyectos propuestos se comparan mediante un proceso de evaluación que se basa en criterios predeterminados ...

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    Colaboración con el sector privado

    La colaboración de Asdi con el sector privado involucra actores corporativos directamente en el desarrollo global. A través de alianzas y asociaciones, pretendemos apoyar la contribución del sector privado para reducir la pobreza en el mundo y fomentar modelos de negocio inclusivos y sostenibles que permitan que las personas en situación de pobreza mejoren su calidad de vida.

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    Alianzas público-privadas para el desarrollo Colaboración con el sector privado

    En una Alianza públicoprivada para el desarrollo, los sectores público y privado hacen una inversión conjunta en un proyecto que implementa un tercero. El objetivo general es crear condiciones que permitan que las personas en situación de pobreza mejoren sus vidas.

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    Biståndsbarometern kompletterar den redovisning av det svenska biståndet som görs i Sidas årsredovisning. Biståndsbarometern lanseras kontinuerligt och varje barometer riktar in sig på ett område inom biståndet. Här presenterar vi resultatet av det humanitära biståndet från Sverige genom Sida. Analysen täcker 2014 och resultaten rör 2013.

  • 2015-09-23 Publikation

    Evaluation of Swedish International Training Programme (ITP); Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation (2007-2011) - Final Report

    Sida commissioned an evaluation of the ITP 261 Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation programme 2007-2012 covering 17 programmes. Findings: 1) Concrete results are evident at individual but less so at organisational level, 2) the linkage to development cooperation was weak, 3) the change projects did not provide compelling evidence of change, 4) the course adapted well to circumstances during the ...

    Eric Buhl-Nielsen , Jérôme Gouzou , Kris B. Prasada Rao , Tine Irming Blomhøj

  • 2015-08-27 Publikation

    Evaluation of Policy Dialogue as an Instrument - the case of Gender Equality - Main report

    This report represents the collective findings of the “Evaluation of Policy Dialogue as an instrument in Swedish Development Co-operation – the case of Gender Equality”. The evaluation covers the period 2007-2013. Its overall purpose was to gain a better understanding of what constitutes successful policy dialogue on gender equality in different contexts and to contribute to the improvement of the ...

    Dana Peebles , Jonas Lövkrona , Nadine Jubb

  • 2015-08-27

    Guarantees - Guarantee Example Corporate Bond

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