Oktober 2009

  • 2009-10-21 Publikation

    The Diversion Program in Kenya

    The Diversion Program in Kenya was established in order to protect chilrden from inappropriate institutionalisation and demonstrate a viable alternative to custodial care. It's main aim is to ensure that children in conflict with the law and other categiries of marginalized children are better protected against abuse and rehabilitaded and integrated back into the community. The project was implementet ...

    S.K. Rutere , C.M. Kiura

  • 2009-10-21 Publikation

    Sida Support to the Environmental Advocacy NGOs in Kenya Final Report

    Three NGOs were supported by Sida over the period 1997-2008 to provide advocacy in natural resources, educate rural communities on their rights and obligations in sustainable management of natural resources, and to contribute to general public awareness and participation in environmental governance. The support was initially through a bilateral support to the Agriculature sector, and later through ...

    Charles L Amuyunzu

  • 2010-06-22 Publikation

    Religionens roll i utvecklingssamarbetet

    Religionens betydelse ser ut att öka i världen i stort. Trosbaserade organisationer har spelat och spelar en viktig roll i utvecklingsarbetet både i Sverige och internationellt. För att utforska religionens roll i utvecklingssamarbetet genomförde Svenska Kyrkan, Svenska missionsrådet, Diakonia och PMU InterLife ett internationellt seminarium våren 2009 som dokumenterades av Sida Partnership Forum.

    Nils Nordung

  • 2009-10-02 Publikation

    The Relation between Aid and Bilateral Trade

    The authors analyse the effects of various foreign development assistance variables on both recipient and donor exports and we specifically study the effects for Sweden, so-called Nordic Plus countries and Likeminded countries. They find a strong relation between aid in the form of technical assistance and exports in both directions, thus supporting our interpretation that market knowledge through ...

    Lars M. Johansson , Jan Pettersson

  • 2009-10-01 Publikation

    Anti-Corruption Approaches A Literature Review

    The literature review surveyed about 150 studies from an overall bibliography of nearly 800 studies: books, journal articles, and publicly available documents and reports from UN agencies, the World Bank, bilateral donors, NGOs and academics.The literature can identify few success stories when it comes to the impact of donor supported anti-corruption efforts. Particularly the specialised anti-corruption ...

    Arne Disch , Endre Vigeland , Geir Sundet

  • 2009-10-21 Publikation

    A ripple in development? Reflections in the LRRD2 Joint Evaluations Process Final Report

  • 2010-06-22 Publikation

    The Role of Religion in Development Cooperation

    The importance of religion seems to be increasing in the world. Faith based organizations have played and are playing an important role in development both in Sweden and in international context. In order to explore the relationship between religion and development the Church of Sweden, the swedish Mission Council, Diakonia and PMU InterLife organized an international seminar on the role of religion ...

    Nils Nordung