Sidas publikationer 2009

  • 2009-09-09 Publikation

    Harmonization with the EU - a priority in Swedish support

    Bosnia and Herzegovina's ambition is to become a member of the EU but it must first implement major reforms. Sida is contributing to this process, for example by providing support to Bosnian municipalities. Local government administrations are being aligned with EU standards and the citizens are being given greater influence over policies. In addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, nine other countries ...

    Marianne Engblom

  • 2009-08-19 Publikation

    Mid-Term Review of Music Crossroads Southern Africa

    Music Cross Roads Southern Africa aims to achieve the objectives by conducting local, national and inter-regional music festivals including workshops for young people aged 15-27. There is a focus on capacity building, strategic planning, sustainability and impact. The program includes five countries in Southern Africa Sida has supported the program since 1998, and the support will be phased out in ...

    Nicolette Du Plessis

  • 2009-08-19 Publikation

    Mid-Term Reviews of Sida's Support to Civil Society in Cambodia through Forum Syd and Diakonia 2007-2009

    A review of Sida's current support to democracy and human rights through civil society in Cambodia. The review assess the results so far (effectiveness, impact/outcome and sustainability). It also provides suggestions for future Swedish support to democracy and human rights through civil society which includes assessing opportunities and risks with enhanced harmonised donor support.

    Pia Sassarsson Cameron , Peter Winai

  • 2009-08-19 Publikation

    Civil Society in Action

    Documentation of two Training Workshops CSI in collaboration with Sida Partnership.

  • 2009-08-19 Publikation

    Sida-Amhara Rural

  • 2009-07-17 Publikation

    Scientic Evaluation of the Lake Victoria Initiative (VicRes)

    VicRes is a regional research council with a competitive grant giving mechanism and peer-reviewing of project proposals, open to scientists in the 5 EAC countries. As of 2008, more than 90 projects involving ca 400 scientists were supported. This evaluation concluded that ".. VicRes is a very well functioning programme, very successful and remarkably cost effective". However, it also concluded that ...

    Björn Lundgren

  • 2009-07-17 Publikation

    Commitment to Climate Justice

    En rapport som behandlar fem tematiska papper som underlag för fem workshops om klimat, energi och matkrisen, om klimatfrågan ur ett MRperspektiv,om skogen, kolet och folket samt frågor om vad som händer på COP15 och efter köpenhamnsmötet samt relationen och partnerskapet mellan nord och sydorganisationer i klimatfrågan.

    Göran Eklöf

  • 2009-07-10 Publikation

    Strategi för Sidas humanitära bistånd 2008-2010

  • 2009-07-08 Publikation

    Evaluación del programa PNUD-REDES 2006-2008 en Colombia

    El Programa REDES (Reconciliación y Desarrollo) se configura, desde el año 2003, como una apuesta de las Naciones Unidas, y del Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) en particular, en Colombia, para desarrollar una estrategia de construcción de la paz y el desarrollo con enfoque territorial, que permita superar las condiciones de violencia. Esta apuesta por los enfoques territoriales ...

    Francisco Reyes Marcos , Hernán Darío Correa , Clotilde Gouley

  • 2009-07-02 Publikation

    Sida-Amhara Rural Development Programme 1997-2008

    This is an evaluation of Sida Amhara Integrated Rural Development Programme, SARDP, 1997-2008. The major objective of the evaluation was to: Assess the results and impacts of the programme and whether or not the programme has achieved its objectives; and to offer input to the planning and design of a post-SARDP support by making recommendations on which achievements and lessons learned of the programme ...

    Bo Tengnäs , Eva Poluha , Sean Johnson , Sosena Demissie , Yared Fekede Mandefro

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