The Swedish Civil Society Organisation/Non-Governmental Organisation Cooperation Programme, Ethiopia, 2004-2007

Sida Evaluation
Britha H. Mikkelsen , Knud Olander , Michael Tamiru Gubay , Workwoha Mekonnen , Denmark
The CSO cooperation programme is implemented through nine specialised um-brella organisations (SUOs). Each of these supports sub grantee NGOs (SGs) and the programme has been implemented through 155 SGs, geographically spread all over the country. The evaluation is structured around seven clusters of issues: 1) Effectiveness and efficiency of the working modality, 2) Effects of interventions and attribution, 3) Participation, inclusion and exclusion, 4) Working relations, alignment and harmonisation, 5) Accountability, advocacy and a rights perspective, 6) Capacity of the Specialised Umbrella Organisations and 7) Feasibility of the overall SUO model, empowerment and sustainability. It reveals the lessons learnt, outcomes achieved and gives recommendations.

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