Sida's support to Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for Development

Sida Evaluation
Alan Greenberg
Sida began selectively supporting Information and Telecommunications Technologies (ICTs) in the mid-1990s. In 1999 Sida adopted a strategy for the use of ICTs in Development Cooperation (ICT for Development, or ICT4D). In 2002, an ICT4D Secretariat was created at Sida. The Secretariat's mandate was to support all of Sida and Swedish Embassies regarding the use of ICT4D, and to effectively "mainstream" the concept. The present study was commissioned to evaluate how successful the Secretariat has been, to review what other donors and international organizations are doing with respect to ICT4D, and to recommend what path Sida should follow in the future. Options were to include a range of ambition levels.

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