December 2008

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    Improved Land Management for Sustainable Development (RELMA-in ICRAF)

    The evaluation is an early ex-post evaluation conducted one year after the end of the programme. It assesses to what extent the programme has fulfilled its objectives and to what extent the RELMA programme has been integrated into ICRAF as planned. The conclusion is that most activities have been conducted but cost-efficiency has varied for different components. RELMA has influenced ICRAF as well as ...

    Jan Erikson

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    The District Development Programme in Tanzania (DDP)

    Sida has supported a district capacity building and development programme called DDP in three districts since 2002 when district profiles were prepared as baselines for a five year programme including two districts in Mara Region, Bunda and Serengeti, and one district in Mwanza Region, Ukerewe.The objective of the DDP was to support the implementation of core Tanzanian development policies like Growth ...

    John Carlsen , Solar Nazal

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    The University of Zambia School of Law Book Project: Post Project Evaluation Report

    The objectives of the Project included; improving the teaching environment by ensuring that basic materials for each course were available, revamping research among the staff, contributing to staff retention and recruitment, and, improving the management and administrative capacity of the SoL.The UNZA rose above other training institutions offering legal training as the other institutions incorporated ...

    Mwenda Silumesi

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    Zivikele Training - Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS Project in South Africa

    The effective and efficient combating of Gender Based Violence (GBV) is an area of great concern and importance to the South African government. It is for this reason that Zivikele Training initiated the HIV/AIDS and GBV project in 2006.The purpose of the project is to contribute to an improved health care worker, police and legal response to cases of GBV.In attaining this purpose it will allow women, ...

    H.G. van Dijk , T Chelechele , LP Malan

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    Lessons Learnt and the Way Forward - The Collaboration between East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) and the European Parliamentarians for Africa (AWEPA) March 2005-April 2008

    The evaluation /review was to assess the extent to which the programme objectives had been met inorder to guide Sida in decision making regarding continued support to AWEPA and EALA. The report provides a very comprehensive summary of recommendations for both recipient and donors, and provides exellent information in all thematic areas. The report is very useful in guiding the way forward with AWEPA-EALA ...

    Lisa Von Trapp

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    The Civic Education Network Trust (CIVNET) in Zimbabwe

    Despite some of the reservations regarding measuring impact, the CIVNET project has nevertheless had profound implications for those communities that have been systematically marginalised politically and economically over the last 10-15 years - and who have only been sought out during election times by the competíng political players. The level of consiousness that has been raised through the training ...

    Dren Nupen

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    Assessment of Sida Support Through UNDP to Liberia Recovery and Rehabilitation

    The purpose of the evaluation was to support the choice of path in the future collaboation between Sida and UNDP and to give an independent opinion of the effectiveness of the projects and the achieved results of UNDP as well as to assess the extent to which Sida-UNDP agreements has been met, during the time period 2004-2007. The evaluation covers the following Sida-supported UNDP programmes; Disarmament ...

    Hans Eriksson

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    Sida's Support to UNDP in Sierra Leone

    This report details the evaluation of Sida's funding to UNDP in Sierra Leone. The overall purpose of the evaluation is 'to support choice of path in the future collaboration between Sida and UNDP'. The specific purpose is to provide Sida with an independent opinion on the efficiency of the UNDP programmes in Sierra Leone which have received support from Sida, the achieved results of UNDP, and the compliance ...

    Laurence Sewell , Ceinwen Giles

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    Lessons Learnt from the Integrated Rural Development Programme (ALKA) and the Albanian Macedonia People's Empowerment programme (AMPEP)

    Sida has supported rural development in Macedonia through two programs, the Integrated Rural Development Programme (ALKA) and the Albania Macedonia People's Empowerment Programme (AMPEP) with approximately 25 MSEK. The programmes have been aimed at capacity building on local level, promoting good governance and implement local infrastructure projects. The aim of the evaluation has been to assess and ...

    Cvetko Smilevski , Lars-Erik Birgegård

  • 2008-12-19 Publikation

    Programa Acceso a Justicia Guatemala

    Una evaluación externa del Programa Acceso a Justicia (PAJ) en Guatemala fue realizada por el Just Governance Group Ltd durante septiembre y octubre de 2008. El PAJ está implementado por la Fundación Soros Guatemala (FSG) y apoyado por la Agencia Suecia de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (Asdi) y la Asistencia al Desarrollo Internacional del Gobierno del Reino Dinamarca (DANIDA). Los tres ...

    Kimberly Inksater , Carlos Hugo Laruta , Jorge Enrique Torres

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