Reconciliation and Development Program (REDES)

Sida Evaluation
Elisabeth Scheper , Anders Rudqvist , María Camila Moreno
In 2003, Sida and UNDP signed a Partnership for Peace in Colombia for a period of three years to support the REDES. REDES' philosophy is to promote reconciliation and development initiatives in violent conflict zones involving all stakeholders, with the aim of rebuilding fragmented communities, strengthening weakened democratic institutions, reviving traditional social networks, restoring relations between local government and civil society, countering corruption, ending practices of coercion and impunity, and providing viable economic livelihood alternatives.The purpose of this evaluation was to provide UNDP, Sida and other REDES donor agencies with an assessment and recommendations vis-à-vis REDES' focus, progress, organizational and structural issues, as well as to distil lessons learned and best practices.

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