Augusti 2007

  • 2007-08-29 Publikation

    International Training Programmes 2009

    Korta beskrivningar av Sidas internationella utbildningsprogram inklusive information om ansökningsförfarande och kontaktsuppgifter till programarrangörer. Målgrupp är nyckelpersoner i samarbetsländer och andra utvecklingsländer. Målsättningen med programmen är att förbättra ledarskap och tekniskt kunnande i samarbetsländerna inom ämnesområden som prioriteras sinom svenskt utbildningssamarbete, där ...

  • 2007-08-29 Publikation

    Palestine International Business Forum 2005-2006

    The purpose of the project, to address obstacles to Palestinian economic production and trade in search fof development and peace is a valiant one, although in view of the circumstances, only a modest contribution to results could be expected. A realistic development goal could be an improved economy within the framework of a two-state solution. The basic activity is a series of meetings that bring ...

    Krister Eduards , Åsa Hydén

  • 2007-08-29 Publikation

    Improving University Research and Education in Honduras

    Sida has provided support  to research cooperation with Honduras during 2005-2008. The overall aim of the Swedish research cooperation with Honduras is to assist the country in its endeavour to reform the higher education (HE) and the research sector in order to create analytical and research capacity to adeqately adress national problems and achieve sustainable development. In order to do so Sida ...

    Erik W. Thulstrup

  • 2007-08-29 Publikation

    Energy sector reform: strategies for growth, equity and sustainability

    Today some 1.6 billion people lack access to electricity and around 2.4 billion use traditional biomass such as wood or dung for cooking. How should energy production and distribution in low income and lower-middle income countries be guided, owned and regulated in order to achieve development objectives on economic growth, environment, climate, equity and human rights? Per Ljung describes different ...

    Per Ljung

  • 2007-08-14 Publikation

    The Sustainable City Approach

    Manualen bygger på en konceptuell modell för urban utveckling i u-länder. Modellen är ett försök att hantera den urbana utvecklinens komplexitet genom att tillämpa ett holistiskt, integrerat och multi-disciplinärt synsätt i den urbana planeringen. Möjliga synergier mellan sektorer söks för att lösa gemensamma problem. Fokus ligger på den fysiska miljön.

    Ulf Ranhagen , Karin Billing , Tina Karlberg , Hans Lundberg

  • 2007-08-14 Publikation

    Building Research Partnerships

    The Swedish Research Links programme aims to stimulate research cooperation between researchers in Sweden and researchers in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and South Africa. The evaluation report focuses on the impact of the Links programme over the programme years 2002-2006. Special attention is given to the experience of the researchers participating in the programme. The programme ...

    Lena Johansson de Château , Sara Billfalk , Swedish Research Council , Department for Research Policy Analysis

  • 2007-08-10 Publikation

    Situation of Social Sciences Research in Central America

    An overview of social science research in Central America. The report was prepared with the purpose to map the situation for social sciences in five Central American countries, and to serve as a departure for possible future support to strengthen research capacity in these areas. This is an independent evaluation carried out by two cunsultants, and commissioned by Sida.  

    Jussi Pakkasvirta , Florencia Quesada

  • 2007-08-01 Publikation

    The Regional Children's Theatre Project in South Asia

    Sida has commissioned a mid-term review of the regional project "Children's Voice".The project aims at developing and establishing a professional children's theatre in India and in Bangladesh. The Swedish International Theatre Institute/ITI is the Swedish counterpart. The project is financed by Sida with SEK 16 200 000. In summary, the result of the project for the first part of the project ...

    Karin Markensten

  • 2007-08-01 Publikation

    Derecho a la Identidad y la Participación Ciudadana en Bolivia

    This publication contains an evaluation of the efforts at voter registration undertaken in the project "Derecho a la Identidad", supported by Sida in Bolivia. The project took the form of cooperation between the National Electoral Court and an umbrella NGO (CPC-CERES) to provide corrent identification, and hence the means to vote, to marginalised people in Bolivia. While generally appreciative of the ...

    Eduardo Ballón Echegaray

  • 2007-08-01 Publikation

    International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Africa Regional Programme

    The Alliance commissioned a mid term review of its Africa Regional Program (ARP) which is being implemented for the period 2005-2007 with funding from Sida, Danida and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Buza). The ARP aims to improve the responses to HIV/AIDS of partners across sub-Saharan Africa through the transfer of skills, experience and knowledge from partners doing similar work, through ...

    Patricia Machawira , Irene Moyo

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