Sidas publikationer 2007

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Measuring the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Electoral Processes and National Budgets in Africa

    The programme has raised awareness of the impacts of HIV&AIDS on electoral systems and processes, and also exposed weaknesses in national HIV&AIDS data systems. Despite delays due to staff turnover and submission of country reports by research partners, the programme is on track to be completed by the end of the extended agreement period - December 2007.

    Zenda Ofir

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Maanisha Community Focused Initiatives to Control HIV/AIDS in Lake Victoria Region, Kenya

    The project has been designed to ensure sustained reduction in incidences of HIV/AIDS through two reinforcing commponents, Capacity building and Grant making to civil society organisations and private sector.The main focus of the mid-term evaluation was to determine and document the projects overall progree, outcomes and impacts. The findings of the evaluation indicate significan progress in meeting ...

    Alex Kireria , Grace Muriithi , Karanja Mbugua

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Swedish Support in the Education Sector in Zanzibar, 2002-2007

    The overall conclusion of the evaluation is that the support on the whole has been well targeted and in general had a favourable impact in the education sector, especially in primary education through support to classroom construction. The support has been highly relevant in keeping with Zanzibar needs and priorities. Sida has had a central role in the planning and development of the Zanzibar Education ...

    Mike Wort , Suleman Sumra , Paul van Schaik , Elifuraha Mbasha

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Review of Development Cooperation between Sri Lanka Police and Swedish National Police Board

    The review highlights the achievements in the cooperation between the Sri Lanka Police and the Swedish National Police Board, especially in Crime scene observation, criminal investigation and behavioral skill. The review however states the deteriorated situation for intitutional cooperation given the escalating armed conflict and political influens of the police. The human rights perspective has been ...

    Knud Olander , Camilla Orjuella , Rohan Edrisinha

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    The Red Cross - Lake Victoria Program (LVP) 2004-2007

    This is an end of phase evaluation of Sida/Lake Victoria's support to Red Cross in East Africa (EA) with specific focus on the lake Victoria region. The 3.5 year support has on created a regionally united Red Cross Societies in EA. The report indicates contributions of this support to the community, its weaknesses/ challengess, lessons learnt and gives recommendations for future actions if regional ...

    Fred Opio , Per-Ulf Nilsson

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Swedish Support to the Menstrual Regulation Program in Bangladesh

    In Bangladesh 14% of maternal death occurs due to unsafe abortion. Menstrual Regulation (MR) is a natinally approved procedure and is performed by skilled providers during the first 6-10 weeks of amenorrhea. The evaluation found that that the NGOs are capable of performing MR services, MR training and other reproductive health services. It is recommended that the NGOs should ensure poor-focused services, ...

    ZA Tahmina Sarker , Nazme Sabina

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Institutional Cooperation between Furniture Technology Centre, South Africa and Tibro Training Centre, Sweden

    The institutional cooperation began in 2001 linked to Country Support Strategy for South Africa (1999-2003), which emphasised, inter alia, the need for skills development. The overall goal of the cooperation was to help improve the quality of furniture production and to uplift the level of skills in the industry by drawing from the Swedish knowledge and experience. One of the fundamental components ...

    Per Hellström , Philip Hirschsohn

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Organisations in the Field of HIV/AIDS and Human Rights

    Overall, the goal of the evaluation was to map and probe into the achievements, challenges and constraints in the implementation of the AIDS Legal Network and the AIDS Consortium programmes through Sida support since 1999. The evaluation also drew on lessons learnt and (where possible) made some concrete recommendations aimed to help the organisations to overcome identified challenges and to pursue ...

    Carmel Marock

  • 2007-12-12 Publikation

    The Swedish Research Cooperation with Ethiopia

    The present program includes the Addis Ababa University (AAU) and Haremaya University (HU). The collaboration has been based on a sandwich type of research training involving Swedish universities as collaborating partners. In the future, the aim is to target directly at a comprehensive expansion of PhD programmes directly at the Universities, in particular AAU. The evaluation therefore aims to establish ...

    Johann Mouton , Torbjörn Fagerström , Adriaan Louw , FF Tusubira , Jimmy Volmink

  • 2007-12-12 Publikation

    Rättsform i Paraguay

    Under diktaturen i Paraguay började en grupp jurister vid det katolska universitetet att arbeta för demokratisering och införande att rättsstatens principer. Gruppen fick från år 1987stöd av Svenska avdelningen av Internationella juristkommissionen. Diktaturen föll och Paraguay införde ny konstitution och senare även ny rättegångsordning och straffrätt. Den paraguayanska organisationen Cidsep fick ...

    Juan Faroppa Fontana , Tina Lundh

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