Juli 2005

  • 2005-07-25 Publikation


    Årlig biståndsrapport som ger en överblick över de beslut och riktlinjer som styr utvecklings-samarbetet samt Sidas verksamhet vad gäller Kuba år 2004. I motsvarande rapport för 2001 finns en mer utförlig historisk tillbakablick över det svenska biståndets utveckling på Kuba.

    Sveriges ambassad Havanna

  • 2005-07-22 Publikation

    International Training Programmes 2006

    Catalogue presenting Training Programmes for for key persons within the Swedish Development Cooperation. The Programmes cover areas of strategic importance to the social and economic development cooperation countries and are based on identified priorities and needs. Programmes are open to candidates from most developing countries. Organisations, institutions, corporations and authorities are welcome ...

  • 2005-07-13 Publikation


    Sida's country reports are written by the embassy in question. The main aim is to provide a brief overview of major events of the bilateral development cooperation during the year with strategic assessments and considerations, overall country programming review, follow-up of country programme performance and administrative issues. The report often also includes a brief political overview.

    Embassy of Sweden in Rome , Office in Tirana

  • 2005-07-07 Publikation

    Swedish EPA's Cooperation with Environmental Authorities in North West Russia and Transboundary Water Issues, 1999-2004

    Sida is, since 1999, funding EPAs cooperation programmes in two areas, environmental administration and transboundary water. The teams main findings are that most projects have been successfully implemented, and that the internal effectiveness of the two programmes is considered to be high. However, the outputs and objectives from the projects have generally only marginally contributed to the identified ...

    Lars Rylander , Johan Willert

  • 2005-07-05 Publikation

    Burkina Faso

    An annual country report. Strategic country development trends in the country such as poverty reduction, macroeconomic development, political development, good governance and human rights, a regional outlook, development co-operation and partnership. A description af the swedish development co-operation with strategic assessments and considerations, overall country programming review, follow-up of ...

    The Section Office for Development Co-operation in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso