Contract-financed Technical Co-operation and Local Ownership - Lithuania Country Study Report

Sida Evaluation
João Guimarães , Raymond Apthorpe
This evaluation deals with contract-financed technical co-operation (KTS) as a particular aid form in Swedish development co-operation. In Particular the study explores the link between local ownerhip and the various characterstics of KTS projects, such as being demand-driven, limited in time, scope and financial volume, involve a competent local partner and based on a contract between a consultant and a local partner (LPO), cost-sharing and limited involvement by Sida. The evaulation also analyses the dynamics between the three main stakeholders (the LPO, the consultant and Sida) and the applicability of KTS as an aid modality in different national and local contexts.There is also a Synthesis Report with article number:2209.

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