Sida's Support to the Univerity Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique

Sida Evaluation
Tom Alberts , Berhanu Abegaz , Peter Coughlin , Gunnar Jehrlander , Else Skjönsberg , David Wield
Knowledge has become increasingly important in development. Sweden has supported the development of the University Eduardo Mondlande (UEM) since 1978. The main over-all objective has remained intact, namely to support research capacity building at UEM. All major stakeholders were engaged, a participatory evaluation. There has been a significant growth in research capacity at UEM since 1981. However, there have been serious delays in the research training and the research environment is generally weak. UEM is handicapped by complex bureaucratic rules, some of which under the responsibility of the university and others caused by the donors. Much more could be done with available resources.

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