Mars 2002

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Rural village water supply programme - Botswana

    This report represents the findings of the Final Evaluation Mission of the Botswana Rural Water Supply Programme supported by SIDA from late 1971 until 1993. The programme has been a major component in the overall development co-operation between Sweden and Botswana.

    Jan Valdelin , David Browne , Elsie Alexander , Kristina Boman , Marie Grönvall , Imelda Molokomme , Gunnar Settergren

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Building Research Capacity in Ethiopia

    SAREC's programme in Ethiopia has explicitly targeted capacity building and has attempted to provide all components: training, cooperative partners, equipment and other physical facilities, consumables and literature. SAREC's counterpartin the cooperation is the Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission (ESTC). The support since the late 1970s amounts to SEK 155 million. The aim of the evaluation ...

    E W Thulstrup , M Fekadu , A Negewo

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Konvertering av rysk militärindustri

    Dåvarande SwedeCorp fick via regleringsbrevet bå 93/94 i uppdrag att stödja konverteringen av rysk militärindustri, omfattade i princip tre kategorier av verksamhet; dels den rena vapenindustrin, dels produktion av konsumtionsvaror med militären som enda kund dels forskning kring högteknologi. SwedeCorps strategi har varit att fokusera kring den högteknologiska verksamheten och där söka produkter eller ...

    Maria Lindqvist , Göran Reitberger , Börje Svensson

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Democratic Development and Human Rights in Ethiopia. Swedish Assistance 1991-95

    The brutally repressive Dergue regime was toppled in 1991 by the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democatic Front (EPRDF) and the Transitional Government of Ethiopia (TGE) was formed the same year. From its very beginning, the TGE committed itselt to the introduction of democracy and to safeguarding internationally recognized human rights. Since 1991 several elections have been held, a constitution ...

    Christian Öhlund

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Biotechnology Project: Applied Biocatalysis

    The purpose of the services is to evaluate the results of the project "Applied Catalysis" carried out under the research cooperation between the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, and the Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC) of SIDA, Stockholm. One of the principal objectives of the project was to develop highly efficient ...

    Karl Schögerl

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Telecommunications - A Swedish Contribution to Development. Evaluation of BITS' support to the telecommunincations development

    Support in various forms through BITS (Swedish Board for investment and Technical Support), and the Swedish Export Credit Scheme, to the development of telecommunications amounts to around SEK 5 billion during the period 1987 - 1994. About 54 per cent of disbursed funds has been for projects in China. Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco have received a little over 30 per cent. The concessionary credits have ...

    Lars Rylander , Ulf Rundin

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Debt Management (Kenya) - Swedish Support to the Ministry of Finance

    Kari Nars

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    The Beira-Gothenburg Twinning Programme

    This report presents the findings and conclusions of an evaluation of the twinning programme between the cities of Beira and Gothenburg. The study has been undertaken by Lennart Peck of ICS Interconsult Sweden AB (team leader) and Arne Heilemann, Chief Executive of the Municipality of Lørenskog, Norway, in 1995. The twinning activities started in 1990 and have included financial management, waste ...

    Arne Heileman , Lennart Peck

  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Jord för miljarder

    Sex miljarder människor är spridda över klotets alla hörn. Människan har en fantastisk förmåga att anpassa sig till skilda livsvillkor. Den förmågan kommer att behövas även i framtiden då jordens befolkning ökar ännu mer. Den här skriften handlar om jordens befolkning och om befolkningsförändingar.


  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Swedish Work and Policies on Gender Equality

    In order to promote equality between women and men in the international development cooperation, there is a need for comprehensive knowledge of gender equality issues and work with gender equality in Sweden. This booklet provides a brief presentation of the processes and methods used to increase equality between women and men in Sweden. The booklet mainly contains information on the work done on gender ...


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