Atmospheric Environment Issues in Developing Countries

Sida Evaluation
Gun Lövblad , Per Inge Iverfeldt , Åke Iverfeldt , Stefan Uppenberg , Lars Zetterberg
Since 1992, Sida has granted the responsibility to the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) to manage, develop and monitor a Programme for Atmospheric Environment Issues in Developing Countries (AEIDC). The evaluation covers the work performed during the period 1992-97, divided mainly into three sub-programmes: Global Climate Change and Responses; Regional Air Pollution In Developing Countries; Use and Control of Ozone Depleting Substances. The objective of the AEIDC programme is to enhance the capacity of the developing countries to participate locally and regionally in programmes and activities to resolve atmospheric environmental problems. It is further to increase and facilitate the participation and involvement of developing countries in international initiatives and negotiations.

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