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  • 2002-12-17 Publikation

    Towards Freedom from Poverty- Research Cooperation 2001.

    In the coming years Sida will seek ways to enhance analysis of the theoretical basis for development efforts. Differentiated views are important for an enlightened debate on poverty. The situtated perspectives from researchers in developing countries must be strengthened in order to have a voice in the international debate. Social analysis provides essential tools for making Freedom from Poverty a ...

    Sida - Department for Research Cooperation , SAREC.

  • 2002-12-16 Publikation

    Caritas Sweden Programme for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights in South America, 1997-2001

    The purpose of this evaluation is to assess to what extent the Caritas Sweden programme for Peace, Democracy and Human rights in South America 1997-2001 has fulfilled its main objectives. These objectives can be summarized as: To promote a culture of peace, to increase respect for Human rights and the participation of vulnerable groups in civil society. The evaluation has studied to what extent choices ...

    Jocke Nyberg

  • 2002-12-13 Publikation

    Welfare Economic Assessment - Reconstruction of 11 Bridges in Honduras

    The combination of wind, rain and flooding that hit Honduras in 1998 was a unique catastrophe to be expected only every 200 years or so. It was an immediate human disaster that cost thousands of people their lives and made many others homeless. At the same time it was a severe blow to the long-term development of Honduras as much of the countrys infrastructure was swept away in a few days, including ...

    Kjell Jansson , Hans Örn , Alf Carling

  • 2002-12-13 Publikation

    Sexual and Reprodutive Health of Youth in Northwestern Russia - an Evaluation of the project

    Reproductive health and sexuality among youth is an area of concern in the Russian Federation. High rate of adolescent abortion, high rate of sexually transmitted infections among those aged 15 to 19 years, and the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world, with a high percentage of new HIV infections amongst young drug users are some of the facts that needs to be urgently addressed. The Russian Family ...

    Ivonne Camaroni

  • 2002-12-13

    Two Drylands Research Programmes in Eastern Africa - Main Report

    Author: Tom Alberts, Seme Debela, Coert Geldenhuys. Department for Research Cooperation. Series: Serier – Sida Evaluation Description: Sida Evaluation 02/28 / This is an evaluation of two dryland research programmes in eastern Africa supported by Sida/SAREC. The major area of the 6.2 million km2 eastern African countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, ...

  • 2002-12-13 Publikation

    Network for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases in Central America - NeTropica 1999-2002

    Sida/SAREC decided in 1987 to support a program for MSc and PhD Training in Central America (CA) which included the sex countries: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The program was focused on infectious diseases with the major aim to strenghten the research capacity in microbiology, immunology, parasitology, biochemistry and epidemiology. The program was established ...

    Mikael Jondal

  • 2002-12-13 Publikation

    GRUPHEL towards a Fourth Phase - an Assessment.

    Assessment of the GRUPHEL Programme, January March 2002 Initiated in 1991 by Swedish scientists with longstanding research cooperation in Southern Africa, GRUPHEL has from the start required qualified scientific and management contributions from its Swedish participants. Recent organisational changes are intended to strengthen the ownership of its Southern Africa members. The assessment addresses ...

    Bertil Egerö ,

  • 2002-12-11 Publikation

    Sweden 2001 Statistical Yearbook


  • 2002-12-11 Publikation

    Swedish/UNDP Governance Programme in Honduras

    El objeto de esta evaluación es el Programa de Gobernabilidad en Honduras, financiado por Asdi y ejecutado por el PNUD, bajo acuerdos de costo compartido. Las primeras actividades dentro del Programa tuvieron su inicio en 1998 y las últimas terminarán en diciembre de 2002.

    Lars Eriksson , Lena Blomquist , Margarita Oseguera

  • 2002-12-11 Publikation

    UAPS enters the 21st Century - Final Report from Assessment

    The Union for African Population Studies, UAPS, is the only pan-African organisation that address population/development issues from the perspectives of social science. It was created in 1985, and took off under a new leadership in connection with the Second African Population Conference in Dakar 1988. Modelled upon the international Demographers Union IUSSP, UAPS builds on individual membership and ...

    Bertil Egerö

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